Practical UX: Workshop

Is your product or service missing the boat when it comes to adoption rates and customer loyalty? Discover your User with Practical UX Training.

Our In-House Training is an opportunity to discover the practical techniques of User-Centred Design (UCD) which helps you to create a more User friendly product. These skills will help you improve your website lead traffic and highlight digital product problem areas that you can improve on immediately. The Practical UX workshop is available to teams of 4 or more.

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What you will learn:

  • The basics of User Experience
  • Persona and scenario mapping
  • Usability Testing and when to use it
  • Discovering innovative ways to capture data


  • Better understanding of how to discover your User
  • Understand the importance of User personas when creating products or services
  • Ability to identify the platforms that can give you insightful customer data that can help your company

Who should participate:

If you are currently employed as a designer, digital marketer, software developer or content creator this course can help you improve your standing in your industry. Those who are looking to branch out from traditional forms of data collection (i.e. Google Analytics etc) will benefit from learning the perks of User Research and Usability Testing.


Séamus Byrne

Director of User Experience at Graphic Mint

Séamus Byrne is a designer by trade, teacher by choice. For over 15 years Seamus has worked in Europe and North America as a designer, creating easy to use, meaningful customer and user experiences for multinational companies and SMEs. More recently he has taught the User Experience Design module in National College Ireland (NCI) and numerous workshops for Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). He is co-founder of Design Agency Graphic Mint.

What Past Attendees Say

“Graphic Mint’s UX Academy for Business was a great starting point for the newest members of AIB’s UX team. Seamus, Julian and Deryck all facilitated insightful and collaborative workshops which provided a well-rounded knowledge of all aspects of the UX process.”

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Aine Gallagher
UX Designer, AIB

“Well I've never viewed the Passport Application process this way before! #UX4biz #UX

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Megan Kelly
UX Coordinator, AIB

“UX workshops on top of a Viking settlement @Graphic_Mint #UX4biz

Declan Moran

Declan Moran
Technology Consultant, Accenture
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