Agile UX Course

Agile UX: 1-Day Workshop

22 September 2017
Dublin City Centre

Immerse Yourself in Agile UX

Discover the fundamentals of Agile UX Design through our 1-day Workshop.

UX Design enhances the user experience of a product or service through making informed decisions about navigation and design. Our 1-day Agile UX Workshop is a collaborative gathering of individuals who together will learn the practical techniques of User-Centered Design (UCD). You will discover how to highlight pain points in your product or services, and the tools to improve these areas thoroughly and efficiently.

UX Academy offers this course as in-house training to teams of 4 or more. Contact us for more information on in-house training.


  • An understanding of User-Centered Design (UCD)
  • A knowledge of User Research
  • A comprehension of Usability Testing
  • A process of Agile UX for Apps and Software

What You Will Learn

  • Iteration and Critique through the Agile UX Process
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Validation through Usability Testing

Who Should Attend

If you are part of a Design Team, Product Team or Software Team this event will be a great opportunity to upskill.

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