World Usability Day Open House

9 November 2017
Graphic Mint Studio

Celebrate World Usability Day with Us

In celebration of World Usability Day, Graphic Mint will hold a free Open House of Usability Testing on 09 November, 3-6pm in our Dublin Lab.

This is an opportunity for your software product to be tested for free. Usability Testing is a User-Centred Design (UCD) technique that will enable you to understand what your users need, not what you think they need. The Open House is the first step to making your product more user-friendly and ultimately more successful.

You can either submit your product remotely for testing, or bring it to our lab to test live onsite. The format of the day will be “hot desk” rotation with 15 minute test intervals. A variety of knowledgeable Users, product managers, designers, developers and experts will test your product and give feedback. You are required to bring your own computer if you if you wish to have your product tested onsite. Sign up and book your slot today.

Learn more about the Usability Testing Services packages that we offer.


  • Identify Usability Issues of your product
  • Boost Adoption Rates
  • Improve User satisfaction

Who Should Attend

If you are part of a Design Team, Product Team or Software Team this event will be a great opportunity to take your product to the next level.

Tickets are sold out